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De Haan Group’s universal signposting system for garden centres

Based on the fact that we know that people are used to receive or find different types of information in a certain way De Haan Group developed a new universal signposting system for garden centres. 

On a daily basis people get consciously or unconsciously a lot of route information. Just think about road -, railway - or airport signs. For our system we got inspired by this last variant which ensures that the basic communication is clear right away to everyone both nationally and internationally. 

This universal system is composed out of 2 different elements that will be implemented in the right places in your enterprise. The main signs will tell you which way to go to the different destinations and departments. The service point signs will lead you to frequently visited places such as toilets, the restaurant, the play area etc. The columns and couplings for the signs will be galvanized and come in black. The columns are equipped with a foot that can be fixed to the floor. The signs are made out of Dibond. This makes it possible that the system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

For the signposting system we included a provisional amount. Below you will find some examples of the system. The colour scheme and dimensions are universal. They are essential for your client’s perception. These can therefore not be adjusted. However, by mutual agreement the preferred language, texts and font can be chosen to ensure that they will fit the image of your company.


De Haan Group realizes new premises

The international shop fitting company De Haan Group, that is specialized in garden centres, has started building new premises in the back yard of their current office. The last couple of years De Haan Group has grown substantially which made it necessary to look for extra space for the offices as well as the warehouse. At the end of 2018 De Haan anticipates to be able to welcome their customers to their new location. Owner Kees de Haan is actively involved in the realization of the new premises. “The project concerns more than just realizing extra space. Our new building has to be a creative environment which we present to our customers, a place where we breathe creativity beyond standard solutions. In order to continue growing, moving has become a necessity. It also means that we have the chance to show what exactly De Haan Group stands for”. De Haan does not reveal everything yet, but one thing is clear: "Garden centres are our specialty, so it will not be a surprise that green, in all its shapes, will be a very important aspect in our design and layout ".

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Ikea line for cats and dogs

Just before World Animal Day, Ikea announced the launch of its pet line with the melodious name Lurvig, which means hairy in Swedish. The new line will be piloted in five countries: Canada and the US, Japan, France, and Portugal. It includes dig cushions, cat beds, and baskets that match the Ikea furniture. For instance, there is a mini version of the Klip- pan sofa. Ikea is for the whole family, so that includes pets. They worked together with veterinarians for the development of the line. It will be an affordable collection with about thirty pro- ducts with a true Ikea look. 


Concept Store by De Haan Group at the Spoga Gafa, Cologne

The world around us is changing rapidly. Nothing new about that. But what about the way garden centres fit into this changing world? We foresee that garden centres are on the threshold of a new way of retailing. As a design and consultancy bureau with a specialisation in garden centres, EFSA member De Haan Group developed and converted a 500m2 surface into a real Concept Store. The turning point is there! How to make sure that..

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La Piazza Leurs

‘Our recent La Piazza Leurs expansion is a new catering concept we composed our- selves in terms of styling, interior, design, dishes, and appearance’, says an enthusi- astic Peggy Leurs. The new catering loca- tion is situated at the centre of the Christmas show in the autumn, and at the garden furniture section with a large outdoor terrace in the spring.

La Piazza Leurs is based on the Italian cui- sine. ‘We focus on all common Italian de- licacies. Great as a breakfast, lunch, diner, or just a drink or snack: A new concept in the garden centre industry.’

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The new EFSA Trend magazine is out now!


How garden centres generate more turnover ‘from outdoors to indoors’ with the new outdoor experience: Open Sky

Your shop is ever more becoming a place that people visit to meet one another, shop and be entertained.  Such a formula offers plenty of turnover opportunities, with the UK being the leader in this respect, with garden centres that owe 30% of their turnover to catering while special events generate extra income. This way a garden centre acquires other public functions besides..


De Haan Group and Beeztees develop Funpark!

Fun, fun and fun again. This was the challenging message De Haan Group got from Beeztees. A completely new (hardware) concept had to give a boost to the department with toys for pets. Why? The sales floor is full of energy and both companies are convinced that you can seduce your customers to buy your products by offering them an experience. Now there is Beeztees Funpark!


De Haan Group develops a new tool for signing

Signing and Instore Communication are becoming increasingly important. We print more and more photos and communication signs but also elements for the interior such as walls, ceilings and lampshades. “Signing is an indispensable item for garden centres” says Kees de Haan, owner of De Haan Group. “The printing quality has rapidly improved the last couple of years. This means it is possible to bring liveliness to the shopping floor in a nice and realistic way. It is becoming increasingly common that we have complete walls printed in order to create the right atmosphere in a specific department of a store. In addition,  adequate communication with the customer plays an important role. Storytelling, practical information and the freedom to make changes easily are aspects that every garden centre is looking for”.

Often enough, signing form a big part of the shop concept. “We notice that sometimes the practical use of signing can be rather difficult. How good is the quality of the images? Which department gets which signing? Are the chosen images a perfect match? To prevent confusion and help our customers we developed an online tool for the complete signing - and communication plan”. For the realization of this tool De Haan works closely together with Garden Connect."It must be a program that clearly explains the plan so that our customers have the opportunity to import the images as they wish. The tool gives an immediate overview of the desired quality or possible modifications.  An order for the printing company as well as a mounting plan for the customer or our assembly team rolls right out the computer”.