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Concept store becomes EFSA TrendZone


After 4 successful editions of the EFSA Concept Store at the Spoga Gafa Fair in Cologne, EFSA has decided that the time has come for a new formula. During the forthcoming Spoga Gafa Fair, to be held from 3 to 5 September 2017, EFSA will launch the "EFSA TrendZone" .

The Haan Group, which is once again in charge of the completely renewed concept, speaks about a crisp new interpretation.

"EFSA has developed from trends, however meanwhile this organization is active and involved in so much more. For Spoga Gafa 2017 we have chosen to really turn the trends back on track” states Laurens Doesborgh, commercial director at De Haan Group.
"We want to give a good impression of the trends for spring/summer 2018, with matching catchy colours and materials. In addition, we also want to involve the entrepreneurs in how to translate these trends for their company and consequently for their customers”.
Solution-oriented presentation is something that The Haan Group often has brought to the attention of entrepreneurs.
"We believe in the power of a good presentation, but always in combination with conversion. You have to be aware of the fact that customers do not come to a garden centre just to see what the trend is but actually want to purchase something.
However, sometimes the goal gets lost: A very nice presentation but no business, or (too) much products for doing business but no attractive presentation. We want to show concrete examples for challenging integrated solutions to enhance business”.

As for the interpretation of the trends: De Haan Group works closely together with Dedicated People. They explain trends in a clear way and describe how they arise and can be translated into product collections. This, combined with concrete in-store presentation solutions, will make sure you do not want to miss the EFSA TrendZone!

During Spoga Gafa you will find EFSA with the TrendZone at their usual location in Hall 10.

EFSA trendzone
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