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Pflanzen Breuer Grün Erleben, Sankt Augustin

Together with Mrs. and Mr. Breuer and their collaborators, De Haan Group, has implemented the realization of the Grün Erleben concept for both the garden centre and the restaurant area at this location. We were assisted by the firma Schwitzke from Düsseldorf.

In its totality this garden centre has become more open and more spacious. The routing and assortment presentation have been optimized. In the wall surfaces, customer stoppers and flexible deployable highlights have now been integrated. By using wood in natural colours in combination with images a quiet atmosphere has been created. In this way more focus will be placed on the presented product range.
The clear signposting and direction indication will make it easier for the customer to orient themselves. Clearly recognizable information and advice desks express competence.

The restaurant has been realized at a different place and can now accommodate up to 250 guests.
Various materials, seating and tables characterize the areas for different target groups within the restaurant.
By using high-quality materials in warm shades, a natural atmosphere has been created. By placing a pergola the buffet has become the central landmark for the customers.
Moreover, we developed special presentation furniture that can serve as a room divider in the restaurant.
Overall the concept of “Grün Erleben” forms the basis for the restaurant’s appearance.